What Is My Renewal Date?

Want to know how much you are paying?
Want to know when your subscription is going to expire?
Want to upgrade or cancel your subscription?

You can do all  of the above in your Personalised Account Dashboard, which you can find when you log in > click your name > dropdown menu > My Membership Account

If you have an auto renewing subscription in place (your money is taken automatically each month for example) your dashboard will look like this

This membership will “expire” on 19th June, but the next billing date is the same date – this is when the money is going to be taken to renew the membership

This membership will expire on 28th November, and has no next billing date.
This susbcriber will receive an email  on 21st November with details on how to renew their subscription.
It’s worth making a note in your diary as a reminder.

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