Members are responsible for ensuring their subscription payments are made on time.
Failure to maintain subscription payments will result in the closure of membership.

BANPAS hold card details only to take subscription payments and the fee amount will not change over the life of the subscription

Clients can cancel their membership at any time in the Resources Hub by completing the Exit Form (Your Account > How Much Am I Paying) however, subscriptions made through Paypal will need to be cancelled by individuals and not BANPAS.

Terms of Subscription

  1. Photographers agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of BANPAS, as well as to adhere to the Code of Conduct at all times.
  2. Membership is for the sole person named in the application form – single membership does not cover a studio
  3. BANPAS membership is not an approval or accreditation that any photographer or studio is working safely. Members must refrain from making claims that they have been “approved” in some way by BANPAS. Photographers must not use membership of BANPAS as a ‘guarantee’ to clients that they work safely.
  4. Membership is annual. If members do not renew their membership in 12 months time, photographers agree to abide by membership cancellation rules, such as removal of the BANPAS logo from websites and all written material where appropriate.
  5. Photographers agree that the onus is on them to meet all the necessary business requirements demanded by law within the UK, and that BANPAS will not be held responsible in any way for their failure to do so.
  6. Photographers agree to run their business properly and ethically at all times
  7. Photographers agree to uphold the integrity of BANPAS, and not to bring BANPAS into disrepute in any public forum.