Safety Awareness in Baby Photography

Newborn photographers need a unique blend of skills to be successful.

They have to be confident handling tiny, fragile newborn babies.
They also need brilliant and compassionate social skills for dealing with new, and often anxious, parents.

And on top of all of that, they need the technical skills to create beautiful keepsake portraits safely.

Working with newborns and their parents brings so much satisfaction and is probably the reason we have seen a huge influx of photographers moving into the genre over the last 5 years.  What many don’t realise is the special safety measures that need to be considered when working with newborns.

We’re not just talking about spotters and composites either.  Have you ever considered your own safety?
~ What would happen if mum left baby with you while she popped to the loo and later when mum is undressing baby at home she notices a scratch. Do you have a policy for avoiding being blamed in an instance like this?
~ Do you have your electrical equipment regularly checked?
~ What about working with fluffy blankets – do you remind parents to check for any loose threads wrapped around fingers or toes when dressing them at the end of the session?

Safety is so much more than knowing how to support a newborn in ‘froggy’

With this in mind we have created a set of free safety training videos for newborn and baby photographers. Our friends, Cass and Gary at Just Pose, present this training  in a clear and concise way and we have broken the learning down into bite sized chunks.

Whether you are new to photographing newborn babies, or a seasoned pro, our series of 11 videos will guide you through the essentials of working safely.  Watch today – keep forever.

Taking Care of Equipment

  • PAT Testing
  • Cables and wiring
  • Heating and temperature
  • Beanbags, blankets and cleanliness

Textures and Fibres

  • Choosing fabrics
  • Fluff and fibres
  • Questions to ask parents

Safeguarding and Modesty

  • Protecting yourself
  • Setting policies
  • Ensuring modesty

Copyright & Privacy

  • Holding your camera
  • Getting height safely
  • Position
  • Parents as spotters

Clothing Choices and Drinks

  • Camera straps
  • Clothing to wear to handle baby
  • Jewellery and nails
  • Providing refreshments

Circulation and Breathing

  • Questions to ask parents
  • Skin tone
  • Breathing and sleep cycles
  • Joints

Head on Arms & Head in Hands Pose

  • Things to check
  • Using a spotter

Potato Sack Pose

  • How to wrap baby
  • How to position baby
  • Things to check
  • Using a spotter

Baby in Hands in the Air Pose

  • How to achieve this very popular image safely
  • What to tell parents

Baby on a Swing

  • Steps to take to achieve any composite image where baby is on a prop that appears to be off the floor

Baby in a Crate Prop

  • Choosing props
  • Ensuring props are safe
  • Stuffing props


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