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BANPAS Showcase Winner – January 2019

January Showcase 2019

This month’s BANPAS showcase winner is the very talented Newborn Photographer Kirstin Reddington, her website can be found by clicking HERE

Showcases take place each month, all BANPAS members are able to vote for their three favourite images. This is what makes winning so special as it’s voted for by your fellow Newborn Photographers.

Did you shoot the image for the showcase or as part of a client session?

“I shot the image as part of a client session.”

What stood out to you about the image, why did you choose it for your entry?

“I loved her gorgeous face and the vibrant colours I got to use for the session. I also feel it is a perfect representation of my work. Colourful with a rustic flair!”

Tell us about how you lit and set up the image

“I use a parabolic umbrella and an elinchrom d-lite to photograph all my newborns in the studio.”

Would you like to mention any suppliers whose products or props are used in the image?

“‘The yellow fabric under baby is a wrap by Red Owl Props and the headband is by Ivy & Nell.”

What does winning the showcase mean to you?

“Winning the showcase felt like a huge achievement as I’ve been a member of BANPAS for many years now and always aimed to be good enough to win one day!”

As a Newborn Photographer what other elements of your BANPAS membership do you enjoy most?

“I’ve always loved the support and community of BANPAS as I’ve found it so helpful to chat to other newborn photographers. It can be such a solitary job that it is so lovely to have a sense of community amongst photographers.”

How long have you been shooting professionally?

“4-5 years.”

Where do you work from?

“My home studio in North London.”


Tell us about your goals for your business

“I’ve been so lucky to have my business so much in such a short time! I will be grateful to continue on my path in such an amazing job, I feel so lucky to be able to work from home and call myself a photographer! In the future I’m thinking of challenging myself further by photographing weddings.”

How do you push yourself, where do you draw your inspiration from?

“I used to love looking at others’ work but now I tend to draw my inspiration from textures, colours and antique stores. I love putting various props ( wraps, headbands, stuffers etc) in front of me and figuring out how I combine them in a unique and creative way.”

A Huge thank you to our wonderful Showcase Sponsors!

C41’s Photo Imaging

Yellow Sprout

LSP Actions By Lemon Sky

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