Pro and Premium Membership

Have you ever watched any of our monthly training and really wished you could keep a copy to reference back to?  Or has a busy life taken over and our monthly content has expired before you have chance to watch it?

You have options!

The simplest way to ensure you have a full library of our content which doesn’t ever expire is to upgrade to our Premium membership level.  This gives you access to all of our monthly training tutorials to watch for the lifetime of your membership.  They don’t expire and you can watch them at any time.  As soon as you take premium membership you get access to the entire library – including tutorials from before your membership even started.

Its simple to upgrade to premium in your Account Dashboard in the Training Hub
Click your name > dropdown menu > Membership Account

The other option you have is to upgrade to Pro membership.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Pro Level Member?
* Highlighted listing on our website directory
* Access to recorded webinars for lifetime of paid Pro membership after broadcast date
* Use of BANPAS Pro logo on website and other literature
* 24hr legal helpline with Aaduki
* Chance to be featured on our parent-targeted blog

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade?
There is an admin fee of £25 to apply for Pro membership.
If you achieve pro Level, your subscription payment will increase to either £22 per month or £220 per year.
A gallery will be opened for you to upload your images to for scoring.
If you do not upload your images within 7 days your gallery will expire.

When Can I Apply?

Members are welcome to apply for Pro level membership at any point of their membership, even if you have only just become a member.

How Do I Apply?
Click the link in your Account Dashboard in the Training Hub
Click your name > dropdown menu > Membership Account

How Will Upgrading Affect My Payments?
In the case of monthly paying members – your monthly subscription amount will increase on your next payment date
In the case of annual paying members –  pro-rata amounts are calculated on an individual basis

What Images Do I Need To Submit?
* 12 anonymous (un-watermarked) images for individual scoring by our panel of Ambassadors.
* Sessions can be newborn up to 12 months – no maternity.
* Ideally images will be taken from different sessions

How Are My Images Scored?
Your images will be assessed as an entire porfolio on the following basis:
* Focus – we expect images to have clear sharp focus on the subject
* Exposure – we expect images to be properly exposed
* Lighting – we expect to see an understanding of the use of light
* Posing – we expect to see refined posing with thought given to any parents and siblings
* Creativity – we expect to see your creativity and style

Who Scores My Submission?
All images are scored by our team of ambassadors
The ambassadors who score the panels that are submitted don’t know whose panel they are scoring and scoring is done independently – they are not permitted to discuss images or scoring.
This ensures that we get a fair score across the board.
The ambassadors who score the panels are also pro level and some of them are leaders in our industry with many years experience, so they understand the importance of screen calibration, lighting and  posing

How Long Does It Take?
We give you 7 days to upload your images to your gallery.
Once images have been uploaded, we then open the gallery to our Ambassadors for scoring and ask them to score within 14 days.
However, please be advised the scoring process can occasionally take longer during holiday periods.

We often get members asking if they can see actual panel submissions to give them an idea of the level required.  The gallery below is the panel submission for Kirsten Reddington of Little Crumpets Photography who was recently awarded the Commended badge to go with her Pro status.  It’s a stunning gallery and gives you a clear idea of the quality of work our Pro Commended members are producing.

If you’d like more business support you can subscribe to our Business Club HERE as well as join our free Facebook Group

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