Podcast : Planning Your Newborn Photography Session

Here at BANPAS we love helping photographers to be more efficient, which in turn makes them more profitable.

One way of being more efficient, which is often overlooked, is in planning your sessions.
Of course most newborn and baby photographers work to the baby’s schedule and we all know that baby often doesn’t get the memo detailing your plans, but planning your perfect session and how to react when things don’t go to plan can have huge benefits for you and your clients:

    • Clients can see that you have invested time in them prior to the session even starting – this shows you care about your work, your clients and the outcome.
    • You can eliminate your pre session nerves by planning. Knowing which order you are posing baby in means you don’t have to worry about thinking on your feet the whole time.
    • You won’t miss out poses or images that you want to try and include.
    • You can plan for when things don’t go to plan, leaving you calm and in control even when baby doesn’t fancy snoozing at any point during the session!

To assist you in planning, we have interviewed BANPAS member Lee Fletcher of lee Fletcher Photography in Falkirk.
In this interview, Lee shares some fantastic tips on planning your sessions to ensure success.  (hear the interview below)

In addition to this, if you are a BANPAS member, we have created an amazing free resource for you this month.

free newborn posing cards

You can find the pack of 25 newborn posing cards in our Member’s Resources Hub (My Classes > Free Resources) which you can download to your desktop or mobile to help plan and then prompt you during your session.

Even if you’re not currently a member, you can download the Posing Cards for free HERE

The cards feature images and poses from some of the UK’s leading newborn posing trainers and every card includes detailed instructions on how to achieve each pose safely.We know you are going to LOVE these cards!

We’d also love to hear your feedback on this months resources, please comment below.

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