I’ve Gone Viral!……Now What???

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This week it’s been impossible not to notice the viral memes that photographers have been creating relating to baby weight.



This particular meme has proved insanely popular for some photographers with reach rocketing into the tens of thousands, comments in the thousands and shares in the hundreds!

Why Is This So Popular?

You might be asking why the reach is SO high from such a seemingly simple question.  So let’s look, in a bit more detail, at the secret to the success of this particular meme.

Firstly the answer to this question is definite, you don’t need to think about it, you’re actually proud to know it. Secondly, the answer is short. It takes less than 4 seconds to respond. Thirdly, having a baby is loaded with measurements. You go to the baby clinic every other week to have your baby weighed and you spend the next 2 years plotting your baby on a graph of other babies. And finally, since gender scans are SO popular now, ‘how much did he weigh?’ Has overtaken ‘what did she have?’ as the first question asked when a baby arrives.  Baby weight is a hot topic!

When you look at what makes the formula successful it’s easy to start generating more ideas of posts that have the potential to ‘go viral’.

When creating your own memes Canva is undoubtedly the best free tool to use.  Use your own image and one that you have permission to use in advertising.  If in doubt choose a more generic image where identification is impossible, as above.  Canva makes it easy to brand the image with your own colours and in a font of your choice.  It would be sensible to add a web address to the image too.

How Can I Generate Business From This?

Great question.  Once a post is shared more than a handful of times, you really lose track of where it’s been posted and to whom.  You lose control of it and you can no longer be sure of the audience.  As a newborn photographer in Wigan someone commenting on your meme in London, won’t help you generate business….or will it?

Well, funnily enough, it can.  When Facebook identifies a popular post that has lots of comments and interaction.  The algorithm recognises that you are posting content that your audience like to see.  And Facebook want to keep audiences online longer (so they see more ads).

In short, this means the next couple of posts after your super popular post will AUTOMATICALLY BE SEEN BY MORE PEOPLE.  It won’t necessarily have the same reach as your original post but Facebook will show it to more of your page followers as it expects your content to be engaging to them.

So random people on the other side of the world will help more of your page followers see your next post.  This is where it’s important to remember if you have participated in any like ladders or similar, that you might not have a ‘genuine’ audience following you.  If you know you have other photographers liking your page, and you don’t offer a service to photographers, you might want to think about removing them from your page – more on that and how to fix it here 

Ultimately you will also generate a bigger following so your page likes will increase and many of you will find this naturally leads to more enquiries and bookings.

Your Viral Plan Tips List

  • Consider adding a web address or business name to your meme
  • Have follow up posts prepared
  • Make the very next post self-serving.  Something like a diary update post letting followers know you have limited availability for the next 6 weeks can work well.
  • Consider riding the wave for a bit longer by creating a special offer – in the example above I might comment on the post AND create a new post on my page letting people know if they have commented on the post, I will multiply the weight in KG by 10 and convert that to cash off their family or newborn session fee if booked before x date.
  • You can invite people to like your page if they have ‘reacted’ to your post by clicking on the likes and hearts which opens a list of everyone along with an ‘invite’ button.  It can be time consuming if you check their location before you invite but is also a great way to grow your likes.
  • Highlight an ‘opt in’ on your facebook page to further capture some of your new followers into your email list.  We are covering Opt Ins in the April member training if you need help creating one.

If you’d like to come and see how successful this campaign has been  for other photographers – or even come and share your success – ask to join our Business Group on Facebook (here).  No need to be a BANPAS member, just answer the three questions when you ask to join

If you want to learn more about how social media and viral marketing can help you generate more clients, this book is a brilliant read and has some excellent insights on content creation

If you’d like more business support you can subscribe to our Business Club HERE as well as join our free Facebook Group

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