How To Get More Facebook Page ‘Likes’

The Facebook landscape has changed for sure.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that you could open your Facebook page in the morning and get to your first hundred likes by lunchtime.  Not so anymore.  If you have a new Facebook Page or one that’s hovering below 100 likes, this article will show you how to get more Facebook likes.

Your Page

  • It should go without saying but make your page attractive to clients.  Consider the header image – if you offer a variety of products or services, consider a collage header that shows your best sellers.
  • Make your ‘About’ section relevant and full of search terms
  • Complete all of the information you can including a link to your website

Your Links

  • Have links from your website back to your Facebook page
  • You can use the Facebook Page plugin on your site and blog so that people can like your page without leaving your site
  • Use the link to your page in your email footer

Your Contacts

  • Chances are you already have people on your friends list who would be interested in following your page.  Rather than blanket invite everyone, go through your friends list and invite those who you think fit your client profile.
  • Have your Facebook page address on your business cards and when you are chatting to people about what you do, give them a card and ask them to follow your page.
  • Ask people who have used your business to leave you a Facebook review
  • Remember, people are using Facebook more and more to search for products and services.  Pages are more likely to appear in search results if their friends like the page too so it pays to make sure you are using the ‘pulling power’ of the people you already know.

Your Social Media

  • Use your other social media channels to drive likes.  Have promotions sending your traffic from Pinterest, Instagram (and wherever else you have a presence, to your Facebook page

Your Content

  • It’s something we repeat a lot in our training but content is King.  If you want more people to like your Facebook page you have to give them a reason to click ‘Like’
  • Video will always get more reach than static images.  Keep them short and sweet and always ask people to like your page at the end.
  • If you are unsure of the type of content that encourages people to actually like pages then start tracking your own Facebook use.  Over a few days, take note of the types of posts you interact with and what makes you go a step further and like the page itself.
  • When a user likes any of your posts make sure to invite them to also like your page.  If you click on the like icons under your post you will open a list of every body who has liked the post.  You can invite them to like your page directly from that list.
  • When users comment, be active – reply and keep the conversation going.  This really helps your posts gain momentum and helps them appear in the newsfeed of other users.

All of the above strategies are completely free for you to implement, but it can still take time to build up momentum if you are just starting out.  If you want to fast track your efforts, you might want to consider a paid for campaign.  You can run a page likes campaign in Ads Manager which is focused on just that.

You might also find you have much better success in terms of interaction and generating clients by using a facebook group.  Read our article to find out how to make Facebook groups work for your business

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