Health And Safety Risk Assessments For Photographers

Health and Safety Risk Assessments for Photographers

We’re passionate about safety here – we live and breathe it.  And although a lot of our focus is on keeping babies safe and dignified during their portrait sessions, we also care a great deal about you!

You see, health and safety isn’t a one way street – if you get this part of your business right, you will offer a great service your clients can have faith in and you also sleep soundly knowing that if the worst came to the worst and an accident occurred in your premises – you’d done everything possible to prevent it.

We also realise that for small businesses, this is a whole can of red-tape worms that can take up valuable time and resources so we’ve pulled together a great guide to help make this easy for you.

Think Of The Worst That Can Happen

As a positive person with a sunny outlook on life, I find this uncomfortable to do, but ask yourself the following:

  • Who is to blame if a toddler trips on cables in my studio and hurts themselves?
  • If mum pops to the loo and leaves me alone with her baby, am I ok with that?
  • If a parent asks me what I’m going to do with images that accidently expose newborn genitalia, what is my policy?
  • If I work from home and have pets how do I deal with clients who have allergies?
  • If you serve hot drinks in a small space and a parent or toddler scalds themselves, could you have done anything to prevent it?

You can probably think of dozens of other questions that are specific to your business or way of operating that if you don’t have an answer or procedure for, may leave you personally open to risk.  It’s obviously far better to be prepared in advance for these scenarios than to be left feeling responsible (or worse) if something goes wrong.

Think You Don’t Need A Policy?

You do only need to have a health and safety policy in writing if you have 5 or more employees. However, we recommend you create a short policy for your own safeguarding and peace of mind even if you work alone.  It is your responsibility to ensure your clients are safe during their time with you.

It’s Good For Business

Being clear on your health and safety policies can really help to build trust with your clients.  And trust is a huge factor in them recommending you to their friends and family.  You don’t have to sit them down and give them a 50 page manual but explaining why you are doing something or not doing something in a certain way is helpful to everyone.  When parents arrive at my studio I offer them a cold drink and I quickly follow this with “because my space is small I don’t serve hot drinks in here – it’s too dangerous when there are small babies and toddlers around”.  The number of parents who comment on this seemingly common sense statement in a positive way is crazy.  I had one dad who actually said, “I’m so pleased we chose you as our photographer, you really care”.  They have since recommended me countless times!

Download Your Free Risk Assessment Documents

We have a free download in the hub especially created for our members that makes short work of this!  Log in and find the class HERE in our Archive Library and get access to :

  • Example Risk Assessment policy for a newborn photography studio – amend it to make it your own
  • A risk assessment list for you to personalise
  • A spotter sign to download and personalise for your studio

Don’t forget, we also hae a free video series on working with newborns safely that you can watch HERE

If you’d like more business support you can subscribe to our Business Club HERE as well as join our free Facebook Group


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