banpas membership questions

I Don’t Think My Work Is Good Enough To Be A Member

We absolutely do not base our membership on the quality of people’s work.
We welcome photographers of any standard and at any stage in their photographic journey.

I’m Already A Member of Other Photography Associations

We’re not looking to compete with any of the other photographic bodies available, but we do specialise in your niche genre of photography – newborns and babies.
We understand how specialist and hands-on you are with your clients and how a newborn session is so much more intense than other kinds of photography sessions

Do You Provide Any Posing or Lighting Training?

As an independent association, we are not affiliated with any particular trainers, nor do we offer hands on photography training.
However, we do have our series of Safety Awareness Videos that you can watch for free HERE

Can I Tell Clients I Am Qualified If I Join?

BANPAS membership is not any kind of guarantee that a photographer is working safely.
You are not “approved” or “qualified” in any way by becoming a member.

I Don’t Shoot Newborns, Can I Still Become A Member?

You are more than welcome to join our Association, however all of our training resources are aimed at newborn and baby photographers.
The skills we teach are transferable to other genres of photography, such as defining your ideal client, marketing and sales – however instead of “pregnant women” you might be looking for “engaged couples”.
You would just need to bear that in mind when watching any of our webinars and adjust to suit.

Will I Get Bookings From Being Listed On Your Directory?

It is possible that you will get bookings directly from the listing but this is almost impossible to track. Even if you asked your client where they found your details – most are likely to say “on your website” as that is where the link will take them. Some might say google or I found you online. If you don’t actually ask them if they got your details from the BANPAS directory, you won’t really know. Even then, some people may not realise they went through the directory to find your website.

BUT your listing is doubly important for your business because simply by being listed, your own website will rank higher on google.

This is why:

Search engines crawl the web continually and links are the map they use to do that. Links show search engines how pages are related and they use complex algorithms to decide how valuable those links are. In other words external links are 3rd parties endorsing your website – they’re saying to their visitors ‘hey this is a cool site we think you’ll love, go take a peek’. And when you think about it, that’s a pretty big deal. Who we refer customers to is a reflection on ourselves so we want to make sure we’re sending people to someone who will look after them. So although no-one is actually sure of the black magic, ever changing recipe that search engines use to determine how far up the results they will place you, SEO experts believe that external links are the most important source of ranking power.

In addition to this, if you link back to the referrer, google gives you extra brownie points. It’s clear to see from the keywords scattered through your website and ours, that we are similar businesses with a similar audience and linking back like this just provides further endorsement for your website.

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