Don’t Lose Business Because You Can’t Be Found

This sounds so obvious, but being discoverable might not be something you really think about.

Around 50% of the admin issues we deal with at BANPAS revolve around our members using different email address – so maybe registering for two accounts with us for example.

We have lots of free resources (HERE) that users download and then at a later date might use a different email to sign up for our paid services.

Sometimes we are unable to find a member in our database because they have changed their name or business name and not informed us.

There are times when we go searching for a member to clarify details and we end up finding a few different versions of them on social media too!

I’m certain that your prospects will not be putting in as much effort to find you.

The aim of the game is to reduce the barriers – make it as simple as possible to be found.

The easiest to find businesses will end up with the most enquiries.

Here are some handy tips to make sure your prospects and clients have an easy time finding you.


Use Your Google Business Listing

Make sure this listing is up to date, has your correct business name, address and images that reflect your work.  If you have a studio address make sure it appears in the right place on google maps.  You also want to check that all of the links on it are working and going to the right place.
And most importantly, check the reviews.  If you don’t regularly check this listing, you may find that there are reviews on it that don’t relate to you or are unfair.  These will be off-putting to anyone searching for you on google.

Change of Business Name

If you have ever changed your business name you might want to refer to it in a few places on your website.
Writing a blog article covering the details is a sensible place to start.
This increases the chances that if an old client is searching for your previous business name, that you will at least appear in the searches.

Social  Media

Do all of your social media profiles that you use for your business contain the same name?
This is really important to help share the traffic from all of these platforms.
Make it easy for someone following you on facebook to also find and follow you on Instagram.
If some of your profiles have a different name, consider changing them to give some consistency.

Links and Listings

Check all of your directory listings.
Using Google Console you can see all of the external links that link to your website.
Take particular notice of the ones that are designed to drive traffic to you – such as directory listings.
And then check them all for accuracy – are the contact details and addresses on those listings all correct?
Do they have up to date images if applicable?

If you want more information on SEO and how to make yourself easily found online, we have a fabulous online workshop in the member’s Resources Hub.
We cover the Google Console in detail – along with tons of easily actionable tips.

seo training with BANPAS

Members can watch in our Archive Library HERE

(Please note if you already subscribe but don’t have access to our entire library, you can easily upgrade in your account panel to open up this training)

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