Do You Need Permission

Do You Need Permission?

I thought long and hard before writing this blog.  I don’t want to offend or upset anyone, but then I decided that if I saw my best friend behaving in this way, I would definitely say something to her.  So here goes.

Why do you think you need permission from your partner when you make a purchase for your business??

There, I said it.  I’m genuinely confused and I’ll admit, a little irritated, when I see things like:

“Where am I going to hide all these new props from my husband?”

“Hope my partner is out when the postman arrives so he doesn’t see how much I spent on backdrops”

“How do you all persuade your partner that it’s a good idea to spend $500 on a new lens?”

Now I completely agree there are some exceptions where I would understand perfectly why a photographer might be asking her friends and colleagues these questions.  If you’re running a business that is trading at a loss and your family is struggling to pay the bills then absolutely, be ashamed of your overspending and poor budgeting (it’s still not a good idea to hide it, much better to remedy it).  Maybe your life partner is also your business partner and together you set a budget for spending and you blew the budget?  It’s not the end of the world and you need to work on your communication and budgeting skills – but still not a good reason to behave like you’ve taken the shirt from his back.  Maybe you don’t have a business at all, are a lady of leisure, and your partner funds your expensive hobby – in this case feel free to revel in the lucky position you find yourself in (but don’t exploit him by buying stuff you’re not allowed to!?).

Do you see how crazy this seems to me?  I can’t help but imagine a group of guys stood chatting at work in their break time.

“Oh man, I had to buy a new drill.  My old one was making the job so difficult and the new one saves me a ton of time.  Just gotta hope my wife doesn’t find out I’ve bought it.  lucky she was out when it was delivered”

“I know where you’re coming from.  I hid these steel toe cap boots in the back of the shoe cupboard for ages until they were a bit battered and then I just said I’d had them ages – she knew no different”.

Happens all the time, right??

So come on ladies, just because you might not be the main breadwinner doesn’t make your business any less important.   It’s your career, your income and your 9-5.  If you don’t value your business as a worthy and important entity, how do you expect anyone else to?  If you don’t take it seriously enough to work out if you can afford to purchase props and equipment, how on earth will anyone else, including your clients, take it seriously?

I hope I haven’t offended or upset anyone.  I hope that if you recognise yourself, you realise that you and your business are worthy of more respect.  I’m really writing this from the heart.  I truly believe that there are so many women who can achieve so much more if only they believed it themselves.

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