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BANPAS Showcase Winner – February 2019

February 2019

This month’s BANPAS showcase winner is the very talented Tracy Simpson, her website can be found HERE

Here’s our interview with her where she explains how she achieved the winning Newborn image, what inspires her on a daily basis and how invaluable she finds her BANPAS membership.

Did you shoot the image for the showcase or as part of a client session?

“This image was part of a client session.”

What stood out to you about the image, why did you choose it for your entry?

“I’ve never been confident in submitting entries for competition, but in January you challenged us to give it a go, so I’d not long edited the image and loved the simplicity of it.”

Tell us about how you lit and set up the image?

“It was a one light set up, I use an elinchrom d-lite 1 with a 135 octobox. The light was at 45 degrees and slightly angled so feather the light.  I used a perfect posie to support baby and to get the shape.”

Would you like to mention any suppliers whose products or props are used in the image?

Elinchrom and Perfect Posie.”

What does winning the showcase mean to you?

“WOW was sooooooo excited, I be never actually win anything ( though think you have to enter first) LOL.  I couldn’t believe it, but what made it really special was that it’s voted by the members.”

What other elements of your BANPAS membership do you enjoy most?

“I enjoy all the info on the hub, the training has been great, the knowledge is incredible but I love the fact that it’s about trying to keep the industry safe with best practice.”

How long have you been shooting professionally?

“6 Years.”

Where do you work from?

“I have a small home studio you can see in the video link below.”

Tell us about your goals for your business.

“I love what I do and would like to carry on, I am happy with the level of business I have, I have a steady stream and lot’s of repeat clients and that always makes me happy.”

How do you push yourself, where do you draw your inspiration from?

“There are a few photographers out there that inspire me to try harder all the time, but my greatest driver are my own two kids.  One has many difficulties, she’s Autistic and has learning difficulties but she strives every day to be the best version of herself, so I have to do the same.”

A Huge thank you to our wonderful Showcase Sponsors!

C41’s Photo Imaging

Yellow Sprout

LSP Actions By Lemon Sky

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