2 Surprising Ways To Use Facebook Groups For Your Business

2 Surprising Ways to Use Facebook Groups For Your Business

The chances are very good that your clients are using Facebook.  There are 33 million users in the UK but there is also a lot of ‘noise’, not just on Facebook but across all social media.  So how do you filter the noise to get yourself noticed by potential clients?

I’m going to show you 2 interesting ways to use groups on Facebook to cut through all of the other messages to generate business for yourself.  Both might be overkill or too time consuming to begin with, but even adopting just one of these ideas will start to generate enquiries for you.

VIP Client Groups

Creating private groups for your existing clients is a brilliant way to build relationships and loyalty. While page reach is dwindling, groups are growing.  BUT, it doesn’t take a genius to see that businesses are using groups to reach clients that pages don’t, so it’s a matter of time before Facebook starts implementing some kind of charge for running these types of groups. Take advantage while you can!  Invite your clients to this group as soon as they have completed an order with you tell them about it at their viewing session and add them the same day.  Ways you might use a private group include:

Giving group members a gift print or loyalty incentive for booking with you

Poll opinions – thinking of introducing a new product or purchasing a new backdrop? Gather opinions from your target audience whilst also creating interest.

Share useful information related to photography.  You might share reviews on the best camera for travelling, tips on how to take better pictures of your children in the park, tutorials on how to create a beautiful scrapbook of images and keepsakes from your holidays…..the key is to make yourself useful and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Share offers your audience will love.  Depending on your target market, subscribe to offer sites and make sure you keep your ear to the ground for any offers they will love – tickets to theme parks, discounts on baby products, reminders of big brand sales or other bargain finds will all keep people engaged and build your relationship.

Gather testimonials.  Clients will naturally comment about how great your work and service are when there is a discussion about photography in the group, making it a great place to collect testimonials – just remember to ask permission to reprint or reuse them.

Show off products.  Ask clients in the group to post images of their products in use or on the walls.  Offer a small prize for your favourite use of a digital file each month.

Open advance bookings just for them.  If you are running mini sessions or taking bookings at extremely busy times, open these first in your group.

I could go on and on but I have so much more info to pack into this blog!  You can probably think of a ton more ways you can make your group interesting and active.  And yes it will require a bit of effort and time to get going and to keep the momentum but those that do it, reap huge rewards (currently for free!).

An Interest Group

This is probably a medium to long term marketing activity but it can produce excellent results. Choose a wide topic that your clients are likely to want to discuss and will be interested in and create a facebook group around it.  So for example when I began looking for newborn and baby clients, I created a facebook group for parents in my local area where the aim was to let parents know about all of the activities happening in the area for 0-4 year olds.  To start with I spent a lot of time gathering information and added baby clinic timetables, free activities, details of classes I knew were starting up.  And the handful of mums I knew started adding their friends.  Then something amazing started happening – the mums began to chat and make friends and ask questions.  It grew fairly quickly into an amazing and lovely community. Four years on it now has nearly 4000 members (which is phenomenal for my small part of the world) and I obviously don’t use it for business anymore.  I still play a small admin role but to be honest, it has served it’s purpose for me which was to generate me a ton of enquries when I needed them!  Here is exactly how I made it pay:

You can download my step by step guide to creating a lead generating interest group right here!

Click Here to Download

Using groups in these ways played a huge part in establishing me as a baby photographer and I generated some fabulous loyal clients from it.


Well, this post turned into an epic one but it is jam packed with useful nuggets which I hope you find useful if you are currently struggling to generate business.  I’d love to hear your feedback and as always, welcome your questions.


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