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You need to create a listing before the website knows your business exsists – please watch the video lesson in the Getting Started course in the Training Hub.

Please contact the supplier direct.

All classes can be found in the Training Hub in your My Classes dashboard.
Log into the Hub HERE > click your name >  dropdown menu > My Classes
If the class is not there, please send an email with details of your payment so that we can investigate

Our free monthly content expires for Standard Members one month after broadcast.
You can either upgrade your membership to Pro by submitting a panel of images for scoring by our Ambassadors.
Or you can upgrade to Premium which will give you the same access as Pro without having to submit any images.
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We make a promise to our members that the price you pay when you join is the price you pay for as long as you are a member.  This means that the price you pay today is the cheapest price possible to join us.  It also means that the longer you stay with us, the better value your membership becomes.  It doesn’t rise with inflation so in effect becomes cheaper for each year you stay.

To enable us to offer this loyalty scheme we have just two strict rules.
1. You have to maintain continuous membership.  This means that if you let your membership expire, even for just a day, you will need to rejoin us at the current price.  We pride ourselves on being fair to all of our members and never make an exception on this rule.
2. If you want to upgrade or downgrade your membership at any point, you will need to pay the current price for that level of membership.
We do not make any exceptions to these rules.

Please add to your safe sender’s list.
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Our emails are often bounced by BT email addresses

Want to know how much you are paying?
Want to know when your subscription is going to expire?
Want to upgrade or cancel your subscription?

You can do all  of the above in your Personalised Account Dashboard, which you can find when you log in > click your name > dropdown menu > My Membership Account

If you have an auto renewing subscription in place (your money is taken automatically each month for example) your dashboard will look like this

This membership will “expire” on 19th June, but the next billing date is the same date – this is when the money is going to be taken to renew the membership

This membership will expire on 28th November, and has no next billing date.
This susbcriber will receive an email  on 21st November with details on how to renew their subscription.
It’s worth making a note in your diary as a reminder.

Log into the Training Hub HERE
Click your name > dropdown menu > membership account > subscriptions > Cancel

Log into the Training Hub HERE
Click your name > dropdown menu > membership account > subscriptions > Update

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