We regularly hold business training webinars that can be watched from the comfort of your own home.

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"Twitter webinar was fab! Didn't know much about Twitter but after the webinar I've now joined a few networking hashtag groups in my area and my work is being seen and retweeted, and I got to know some businesses in the area."

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I watched a live training course today and it's got me excited again about my business. 

It's so convenient being able to watch and interact online as I have my 16 month old always around me.  I would find it so difficult to get to training far away or with him.

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BANPAS : In Person Sales for the Non Salesperson @ online class
Feb 28 @ 10:00 am – Mar 14 @ 9:00 pm

Do you KNOW that you could generate more income, if only your sales skills were better?

Do you avoid doing anything about it because you HATE selling?

Are you worried that clients will ask you for discounts, put you on the spot or ask a question you can’t answer?

Maybe you think that to be good at sales you need to be cheesy or pushy?

Do you need help with your pricelist – perhaps you have a ceiling that makes it difficult for clients to actually spend money with you!

This sales training course will show you how to overcome all of these so that you can not only increase your average sale – but that you can actually enjoy it far more than you ever thought possible.

  • This is an online course that is guided by Helen McGlynn and will run over two weeks from 28th February 2018.
  • Modules will gradually be released over the two weeks and in a private group Helen will take live questions.
  • The course will be in ‘My Classes’ in the BANPAS resources hub for you to watch and re-watch forever (regardless if you are a BANPAS member or not).
  • You can do the course along with your class or buy it and do it/catch it up in your own time.
  • The private group is always open for support and advice.

We might be biased but the facebook group for this course is one of the most uplifting, positive and supportive places there is online and we’re really proud of the photographers in it who are using their new skills to create amazing incomes.

The course outline detailed below ensures we cover absolutely everything you need to start earning the income you really deserve.

Module 1 – Confidence

Sales skills are tied to confidence and this module will address building your confidence

Module 2 – Your Pricelist

Your pricelist is usually included in the first sales contact you have with your client – it’s far more important than you think in lots of ways.  I’ll also show you the psychological tricks that guide your client.

Module 3 – The Session

I’m talking photography session here!  I will show you how to include subtle sales techniques during your session that will have parents scrambling to buy your images.

Module 4 – The IPS Session

The Sales Session is where the magic happens.  I will show you a very simple and inexpensive way to maximise your sales.  you don’t need fancy software or expensive equipment.  This part of the training is a game changer!

Module 5 – Upsells

This module is dedicated to increasing your order value with simple and irresistible upsells.