We have an ever-growing list of popular suppliers who offer our members discounts against their products.
Most members recoup their membership fees by taking advantage of these offers

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What Our Members Say About This Benefit

"The supplier discounts that BANPAS negotiate for us are great, especially as they are with people that I regularly use! It means I save more than my BANPAS membership in discounts over the year! Win-Win!"

Blue Lights Photography

"It never worries me paying for my BANPAS membership, because I know with the supplier discounts I'll save that money and some!"

Sally Slack Photography

"I can't believe the amount of discounts that are available through BANPAS membership, it's all the suppliers I love to use and makes such a saving throughout the year that it pays for the membership fee in itself.

Little Gems Photography

"Finally discounts I can use! I saved the cost of my membership in one order alone, the team have done an incredible job in sourcing amazing suppliers and negotiating discounts that will save you plenty throughout the year!"

Beautiful Bairns


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