We have a friendly, supportive Facebook group where members can ask for business advice.

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What Do Our Members Say About This Benefit?

"The BANPAS Facebook group is great! The advice given on a vast array of subjects, the willingness people have to give that advice, the friendly atmosphere and ability to bounce ideas off other people in a similar situation to yourself is invaluable.  Pretty much every question asked gets answered and often several options become apparent due to the diversity of locations and experience of members"

Little Gems Photography

"I like that it's so business focused rather than just another image sharing group - makes it stand out as different on my news feed in the morning and is very informative"

SR Portraits

"The Facebook group is informative, friendly, and full of people like you, shooting the same sessions as me. The business advice from the members as well as the understanding of the frustrations when it comes to newborn photography make the group stand out"

Blue Lights Photography