An introduction to lighting training videos

Learn how to use studio lighting from the highly respected Gary Hill

Studio lighting made simple!


In this series of training videos, and in his easy to understand 
style, Gary explains how to control light using studio flash.

You will learn how to achieve beautiful portraits with a simple one light setup, including:

aHow to light correctly in camera to spend less time editing
aUsing grey cards to correct light casts
aCorrecting light casts 
aDirection of light
aWhere to position your light
aUnderstand the qualities of light
aHow to avoid hot spots

I was amazed how much knowledge was given in such a short amount of material. I will definitely be implementing some of Gary’s tips with immediate effect
Marie Sampson ~ Slice of Life Photography

Gary teaches something that is seen as very complex in such a simple and easy to understand way.
His relaxed demeanour allows you to absorb the information well and the demonstrations are easy to follow. Explanations of subjects such as hardness of shadows are accompanied with real world examples making it easy to understand.

Rachael Cole ~ Beau Baby Photography